Repeat Prescriptions

Please read carefully before you order your prescription   (Form at the bottom of this page)

Repeat prescriptions are available only for enrolled patients where your doctor has discussed with you that you can pick up a repeat prescription without a consultation. Your condition must be stable.  Safety is important. It is a repeat prescription only if the Three Kings Accident and Medical Clinic have prescribed it before. Allow one full business day. The adult charge is same whether or not you pick it up.

There are certain instances where a repeat prescription will NOT  be issued if:

  • Your condition is not stable enough. eg High blood pressure, diabetes, psychiatric illnesses
  • If the doctor asked you to return after the last visit for another check
  • Your medication was changed at the last consult.
  • You have been in hospital since you last consulted the doctor and your medications were altered, or you have been asked to visit the doctor.
  • You had a repeat prescription last time.
  • You are requesting antibiotics, antifungals, some pain medications, and sleeping pills
  • The doctor feels that the medications may be misused or having compliance issues
  • ADHD medications (Methylphenidate – Ritalin/Rubifen) are prescribed monthly and will need height and weight measurements done and discuss general health every 3 months.

Once you’ve requested a repeat prescription, this will be passed on to your usual doctor. If he/she is not available, this will be completed by another doctor. If the doctor is satisfied that it is appropriate to generate a repeat prescription then they may do so. If they feel that it is not appropriate or not safe, then they will request (by phone/text/email) that the patient be seen in the clinic for a  review. Generating a repeat prescription is ultimately at the discretion of the doctor. We would expect you to respect this decision as this is done for your own safety.

Picking up Prescription

Repeat prescription will be available at the end of two  business days. Repeat prescriptions are not done on weekends or public holidays. If you ring at midday Friday the repeat prescription will be ready after 6 pm Tuesday.

Signed prescriptions will be stored in the prescription pick up-box at the front desk.

Practice staff will verify that the person collecting the prescription is the patient, or an authorised representative, by checking the name, date of birth, and address if they are unknown to the receptionist.

Electronic prescriptions can be emailed directly to the pharmacy or faxing to the pharmacy.

Fees are as below

Ways you can order a repeat prescription:

  • By registering for the online portal: Learn more….  (This has other benefits).  Login   if you are already registered
  • By using the online request form below
  • By Phone   – 09 625 2999   (We do not encourage this as it takes longer for you and our staff. Errors are more likely to occur. You need to provide – patient name, date of birth, medication name/s, usual doctor, how you want it received)

Paying for your prescription

You can pay for your prescription once it’s been completed (After 2 business days). Pay by clicking on View Account & Pay. Prescriptions for under 14 years are free. We will not charge if the prescription request is declined by the doctor.


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Changes Due To Orange Light

We are open to all services 8am to 8pm 7days a week. 

If you have a booked appointment. Please come on time and inform the front reception or check-in Online and wait in the car till the doctor calls you.

If you are walking in – you can inform the receptionist at the front or call the clinic or Join the queue online.

You must wear a surgical(NOT Cloth) mask use the hand sanitiser and scan the QR code before you enter.

Do not walk in if you are unwell. Call us first or see more information to arrange a virtual consult or to book a face to face consult in our Red Zone at specific times (Usually 1-3pm), if you are unwell with fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, shortness of breath, loss of sense of smell/taste, diarrhoea, headache, muscle aches, nausea/vomiting or travelled overseas within 14 days or had close contact with a person with COVID19 or work in a quarantine/MIQ facility. We do not see above patients inside the clinic as per Ministry of Health recommendations
Criteria for funded (free) COVID19 TESTS have changed from 14th February 2022. Please Click here for more information