COVID 19 Vaccinations

Three kings Accident and Medical Clinic has been successfully providing COVID19 vaccinations since May 2021. We currently vaccinate from 9am to 5pm during weekdays (Excluding public holidays). You can book your vaccination by clicking the link at the bottom or enrolled patients can book online through the patient portal. The second vaccine can be booked at the same time. Please have your NHI ready (You will find this on a prescription, lab form, medicine box or a hospital letter eg ABC1234.)

You’ll need to book 2 appointments to receive 2 doses of the Pfizer vaccine. This gives you the best protection against COVID-19. The standard gap between doses is 6 weeks. The minimum gap between doses is 21 days (3 weeks).

Please note: You should allow at least 2 weeks between the COVID-19 vaccine and the influenza (flu) vaccine, and 4 weeks after an MMR and/or the chickenpox/shingles vaccine.


Enrolled patients book through the portal

Non enrolled patients – Click on the link below 

  • Enter your details
  • Select Location – Three kings, Facility – Three Kings A&M.
  • You will get a confirmation once you complete.
  • Please come in at the time of the appointment.
  • There will be two to three patients coming at the same appointment time.
  • Please wear a mask when you come in.
  • Scan the QR code when you enter
  • Please make sure you are symptom free and  have a normal temperature.
  • Please check in at the reception by giving your details.
  • You will be asked to wait till the nurse calls you.
  • Please give the consent form back to the nurse.
  • The nurse will go through the vaccination process, side effects and get your verbal consent
    Vaccination card will be given to you after the vaccination.
  • Please go back to the reception after the vaccination and confirm the date for the second dose. You haven’t booked the vaccination, you can book it here.
  • You will be asked to wait for 15min to observe.
  • Once the 15min is over you will be asked to leave.
  • You will need to inform the reception before you leave, as it needs to be completed in the immunisation register

Please call the COVID Vaccine healthline 0800 28 29 26 for advice if you have any symptoms or questions after the vaccination.
Travel vaccination record can be obtained here.

To cancel or change the appointment click here or calling 0800 28 29 26

The COVID-19 Technical Advisory Group has recommended that individuals aged 12 and older with severe immunocompromise receive a third primary dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.  

  • Individuals who are severely immunocompromised are at higher risk of severe outcomes from COVID-19 and might not produce a sufficiently strong immune response after two doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. A third primary dose may be beneficial. 
  • The third primary dose is optional but recommended. 
  • There are specific criteria for who can qualify for a third primary dose, this includes individuals who were undergoing immunosuppressive therapies prior to or at the time of their first or second dose. 
  • A primary third dose is different to a booster dose for the general population. 
  • Under the current immunisation programme, you cannot receive a booster dose of the Pfizer vaccine in New Zealand unless you qualify under the criteria for a third primary dose. 
  • The Ministry is reviewing the research as it becomes available and expects to make a decision about booster doses for the general public in the coming months. 
  • The third primary dose must be administered no less than 8 weeks after the second dose. 
  • The third primary dose must be prescribed by a medical practitioner, in accordance with Section 25 of The Medicines Act 1981, as it is considered off label use, and informed, written consent must be obtained prior. A prescription also needs be provided by your GP or the specialist.
  • The consent form is in two parts: Part 1 to be completed at the time of the consenting conversation, and Part 2 to be completed at the time of vaccination.
  • Patients must present a prescription from a medical practitioner and the consent form (co-signed by the medical practitioner) to receive a third primary dose.
  • The third primary dose can be administered by all vaccination providers accredited to deliver the COVID-19 vaccination.

On 25 October 2021 the government gazetted its mandated vaccination policy, including an exempt paragraph:

Workers may be exempt from the requirement to be vaccinated if, after examination:

  • a suitably qualified health practitioner considers that the vaccination is clinically contraindicated for the person, and
  • a suitably qualified health practitioner provides written confirmation of that assessment.

A worker may not exempt themselves even if they are a suitably qualified health practitioner.


The Minister for COVID-19 Response decides if an exception should be granted.

The Vaccination Order provides the criteria the Minister must consider when deciding whether to grant an exception.


The Immunisation Advisory Centre (IMAC) statement:

So, is there anyone who cannot have the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine? 

The Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine has an excellent safety profile and there are only a handful of eligible people (fewer than 100) in Aotearoa who cannot receive it at all. The list of reasons why the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine may not be suitable is short:

Before the first dose

  • History of severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) to an ingredient of the vaccine. This is very rare, and only applies to previous anaphylaxis to a stabiliser in the vaccine called polyethylene glycol (PEG). However, this is often unclear as problems with PEG most commonly occur after having it by mouth and there may not be any problem with having it in a vaccine. Cases like this require expert assessment by an immunology specialist. 

In plain English, as the Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield has publicly stated, the only medical contraindication, or reason against having the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine, is a known severe allergy to a component of the vaccine.

An acceptable medical contraindication is not your want nor wish.

An acceptable medical contraindication is not your anxiety and concern about the vaccine.

An acceptable medical contraindication is not your belief system about the vaccine

An acceptable medical contraindication is not that there may be an alternative vaccine in the future.

Any doctor’s letter suggesting the Pfizer vaccine is contraindicated would be dishonest unless there is a proven severe allergy, and without such proof an exemption would not be granted by the Minister for Covid-19 Response.

Threekings Accident and Medical Clinic finds no reason to support your request for an exemption.

We will support and assist you to get the vaccine.

We will continue to support you for your medical needs whatever your decision is regarding immunisation.

Get proof of your vaccination

Please follow the link to see how you can get proof of your vaccination. Click here


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