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ManageMyHealth is an online/mobile app. it gives you better control of you and your family’s health. Even if you don’t see your doctor often, ManageMyHealth™ can help you to stay on top of your health and wellbeing.

ManageMyHealth™ is hosted in a secure environment in New Zealand. Similar to internet banking, ManageMyHealth™ uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to ensure your information is completely safe and secure. We also rely on you to keep your password a secret and to take all reasonable measures to protect your information. Click here to learn more.

So why not take control of your health and join today?

  • Book appointments with your doctor or nurse

  • Request repeat prescriptions

  • View Lab results

  • Secure email communication with your health professional

  • Manage your health goals, set up tasks and track results

  • Access up to date and relevant health content

  • Video Consultations

  • Receive recall and appointment reminders

  • access and maintain Medic Alert profile

  • Peace of mind if you require emergency medical assistance, important medical information is accessible to emergency providers

  • Improve health outcomes by sharing your health information with healthcare providers and important individuals in your life

How to join

  • The registration process is quick and easy

  • Just ask the receptionist at our medical clinic by coming into the clinic

  • You will need to provide an email address and proof of identity

  • The practice will provide you with an activation code and, instructions on how to complete your registration online

  • Follow the instructions and enter the activation code given.

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You will need to be registered with Manage My Health before you download the app. See how to register below.


Walk-in/Urgent care clinic is for urgent matters and injuries only. Please book an appointment with a GP if it’s for any other reason.
GP Service is by appointment, 8.30-5.30 weekdays for non-urgent matters (AFTER HOURS starts from 5.30pm on weekdays)

X-Ray 9-5pm Weekdays and special hours on weekends

Wearing a mask is not compulsory, but recommended to avoid transmission of infections to you or others.

If you have a booked appointment. Please come on time and inform either the front reception or the GP Wing reception

If you are arriving after 7.00 pm and if the clinic is very busy, we may need to ask you to return the next day or go to Ascot Whitecross at Greenlane, unless it is an Injury/Emergency or an Unwell Child and its safe to do so.

If you are unwell with COVID-like symptoms, please follow the clinic protocol – COVID19 Update

*COVID Related consultations are now only funded for a very limited group of people only