Travel COVID Swabs and Blood tests


Please read below carefully. 

Three Kings Accident and Medical Clinic takes no responsibility for timing, testing or collecting results. That is your responsibility. Before you book with us Please clarify requirements with travel agent/Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) and airlines (Not with us) 

  1. Timing of testing 
  2. Whether you need COVID19 Nasopharyngeal swab only or both the swab and the blood test 
  3. Whether they need only the copy of result/certified copy of result or a letter from the doctor ( ie signed printed copy). 


What tests you need 

COVID19 Nasopharyngeal Swab (All Countries, not Australia or Cook Islands) +

COVID IgM blood test (For China and Samoa) 

Please check this with your Airline/Travel Agent 

(Rapid Antigen test is not available in New Zealand) 



Timing of testing 

Please clarify requirements with travel agent/Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) and airlines (This is your responsibility) Recommendation is usually 72hrs Prior to departure (Differs among countries). 

We will not send any test to lab within 24hrs of a departure as it is unlikely to be back. 

China – Swab and Blood test within 2 days of boarding 



Fees and Payments (Prepaid) 

Fee for NP Swab – Enrolled patient 255/=, Casual patient 265/= 

Fee for IgM blood test – 150/= 

All charges are to be paid at reception before your testing.  



What to bring 

Passport – Should bring passport to double check that the name appears same as in our system and in the lab form as in your passport 



Process of testing 

Book an appointment or Walk in (Not on Sundays after 10 am) 

Prepay for test – Please check the fees 

The doctor or nurse will obtain a swab from your nose 

If you need a blood test(IgM test), we can do that as well. 

We will double check all details with your passport. 

We will require contact details We will send the swab to the lab via our usual courier x4 a day except Sundays when it is once. 

Patients can take it themselves to Mt Wellington lab at 37-41 Carbine Rd, Mt Wellington. This direct delivery option is only available Monday to Saturday: 9:30 am to 2:00 pm and Sunday: 9:30 am to 12:00 pm 



The COVID19 vaccine will not affect the result of nasopharyngeal swab. 

We usually receive results within 24 to 36 hours. 

We do not send results to patient automatically. 


Collection of Report 

We advise you carry printed copies of the PCR report. Best to pick up a printed copy from our reception. 

Some countries require a doctors certified hardcopy. Please request if needed. 

It is your responsibility to pick up the results from the Clinic. We do not send them automatically. You will need to come in to pick up or ring reception for instruction regarding emailing results. 


NB : We do not take any responsibility for missed flights due to requirements not being met for whatever cause. We take no responsibility if swab results don’t come in on time due to delay in any part of the pathway to labtests NZ and errors made at labtests NZ when sending reports. (But we can call and correct any details if they are incorrect)


Clinic Information

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