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Threekings, Auckland

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Walk in & Appointment


Lodge a Complaint

If we did not meet your requirements and if you are not happy about a particular service, please let us know.  It is helpful to receive complaints soon after the event. We treat complaints seriously and aim to respond promptly.

We aim to achieve a mutually satisfactory conclusion to all complaints and where appropriate, take action to ensure similar situations do not arise again.

Ways to make a complaint:

  • In-person  – It s best to discuss with the person who provided the service and come into a mutual agreement

  • In-person – Speak to the Practice Manager first who will direct you to the best course of action. If it cannot be resolved then she will pass it on to the Complaints officer – Dr. Katila Withanapathiirana to investigate it further

  • Fill out the complaints form at the reception and hand it over to the reception/box

  • Send us an email

  • You can also discuss this with a friend or find an advocate – or Freephone 0800 555 050

  • Contacting the Health & Disability Commissioner –


What happens next

We will acknowledge the complaint within 5 working days.

We will investigate the complaint and reply back to you within 20 working days. If we need more time, we will inform you within that time




Walk-in/Urgent care clinic is for urgent matters and injuries only. Please book an appointment with a GP if it’s for any other reason.
GP Service is by appointment, 8.30-5.30 weekdays for non-urgent matters (AFTER HOURS starts from 5.30pm on weekdays)

X-Ray 9-5pm Weekdays and special hours on weekends

Wearing a mask is not compulsory, but recommended to avoid transmission of infections to you or others.

If you have a booked appointment. Please come on time and inform either the front reception or the GP Wing reception

If you are arriving after 7.00 pm and if the clinic is very busy, we may need to ask you to return the next day or go to Ascot Whitecross at Greenlane, unless it is an Injury/Emergency or an Unwell Child and its safe to do so.

If you are unwell with COVID-like symptoms, please follow the clinic protocol – COVID19 Update

*COVID Related consultations are now only funded for a very limited group of people only