Urgent Doctor

No appointment accident and urgent medical treatment 8am - 9pm,  7 Days a week.

Accident Care: Plaster cast, expert wound care

Family doctor - GP Practice

General practitioners - Dr Reza Ala'i, Dr Ron Baker, Dr Heidi Muller, Dr Siobhan Latham, Dr Bethan Maegaard, Dr Richard Powell, Dr Katila Withanapathirana, Dr Aliyh Namah and Dr Ramilla Magan.  
Dr Su Domingo on Maternity Leave

Enrolled patients may book appointments. Please phone the clinic to arrange an appointment time.


Chemist: Seven day pharmacy; prescriptions and other health products



Laboratory: Seven day collection of blood and other laboratory tests. Charges apply. Weekends urgent bloods only

Orthopaedic clinic ( Mr Joe Brownlee)

Podiatry (foot care) Denise Lewins