We can be your GP

The clinic is affiliated to the National Hauora PHO Coalition. If you want this clinic to be your main Healthcare provider you can apply for enrolment. You must be enrolled at only one clinic/General Practice. If you go to other doctors, it will affect your eligibility for enrolment funding. This is why you need to see one of the doctors at this clinic for all of your GP health needs. Only enrolled patients may make an appointment to see the doctor. Appointments are not necessary, but it could make the waiting time less.

Enrolments need to be updated every 3 years, so if you have not needed to see the doctor in this time, you need to sign an updated enrolment form.

Please post or bring in to the clinic the completed enrolment form and proof of eligibility for funding. e.g. Passport, citizenship papers, NZ birth certificate. We are unable to accept enrolment forms by email as we need to have the original copy.



   pdfClick to download the enrolment form 106.85 KB